1. Help to elicit older adults’ unique and emotionally rich life stories .

VoicingElder provides a platform to develop and present seniors’ unique life stories with emotion. This innovative technology supports the life-review process by providing diverse avatars animated through performative motion detection, Natural Language Processing technology, and novel algorithms to detect and reflect emotional contents of speech.

As the senior speaks through the avatar, they become the listener of their own story. They hear their own voice, and see their body gestures mirrored by the avatar on screen. Via NLP ( Natural Language Processing), VoicingElder detects emotions in live speech and provides appropriate visual/audio feedback to help users to embody their emotional memory space. This technology, simultaneously distancing and immersive, helps the older adult to recognize and reflect upon their emotional state and develop thick stories with potential to reveal hidden layers of their life history. These stories foster communication and understanding between family members, caregivers and senior participants.


2. Facilitate intergenerational relationships and family legacy by sharing avatar video of older adults’ life-review with family members.

We will provide a copy of the videotaped life review session (screen-captured avatar) for the family. The project aims to promote intergenerational relationships by providing family members with easy access to the senior’s life stories. The videotaped record can be reviewed by the senior, enriching self-knowledge , and can be shared with the family, promoting intergenerational relationships and building family legacy.


3. Promote the art of the older adults’ storytelling to the wider community by coordinating a public art exhibition

We aim to promote the beauty and value of the older adults’ oral storytelling in community by exhibiting some of the recorded avatar videos (with the participant’s consent/permission) in the gallery setting. The older adults’ stories are rich materials full of memory, feelings, life lessons, and wisdom. They are a very special gift obtained from their own experiences over time, and has experiential knowledge to be appreciated from young generations.