VoicingElder system is an innovative integration of multiple therapeutic traditions: therapeutic puppetry, drama therapy, person-centered therapy, and reminiscent therapy, via 21st century interactive technology.

VoicingElder is a unique avatar therapy platform following the principles of patient-centered therapy developed by humanist therapist Carl Rogers. The system supports patients’ discovery of their own healing process. Speaking through the avatar facilitates one’s own healing process in conversation with different aspects of the self.

VoicingElder is currently designed for active older adults; however, based on our experience with older adults’ perception and memory this year, we intend to explore means to help the older adult’s memory-impairment issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Currently, we are working with residents at Gayton Terrace senior living (Brookdale), Richmond, VA with Director, Victoria Fleming’s generous supports.